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Bread and Butter Chardonnay


A simply divine Chardonnay, representing the Napa style well. The clue is party in the name as ‘buttery’ is definitely one of the characteristics of this Chardonnay. Add that to caramel, pineapple and vanilla, and you’re in for a treat. The finish is also silky smooth which will no doubt make this wine a popular choice indeed!

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Kumquat Daiquiri

The original Daiquiri was created by Jennings Cox in 1898 in the beach town of daquiri when the American engineers ration of gin ran out and was forced to drink ‘aguardiente’ or ‘tooth water’. The addition of a fruit native to south east Asia, Lime for scurvy and sugar for taste creates this simplistic concoction.


Dominio de la Fuente Verdejo


Fully organically certified, this is a crisp, aromatic white wine, showing great purity of aromas such as cut grass, fennel and white pepper.
£4.80   £6.40   £19.00

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio


A Northern Italian Pinot Grigio which displays a greater depth of flavour and includes rich peach, pear and orange peel notes coupled with a vibrant acidity.
£5.10   £6.90   £20.00

Chain Reaction Chardonnay


A true Chardonnay, this a great example of an oaked (but not too oaked) style with aromas of ripe bananas and caramel, backed up by a creamy texture and robust body.
£6.00   £8.00   £23.00

Dr Loosen Slate Hill Riesling


An often overlooked grape variety but probably the best food matching grape there is! The slopes of the Mosel provide the perfect breeding ground for fragrant riesling. This example is laden with blossom, elderflower and apple notes alongside a racy acidity and medium sweetness.
£6.40   £8.60   £25.00

Kokako Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand

It was noted that a chorus of singing Kokako birds greeted Captain Cook as he sailed into New Zealand for the first time! There’s plenty to sing about here with delightful guava and passionfruit notes mingling with elderflower, lime and an acidity to die for!
£6.60   £9.00   £26.00

Waimea Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Nelson

New Zealand

Nelson produces a more greener, subtle and arguably a more elegant form of Sauvignon Blanc over its Marlborough neighbour. Gooseberry is still evident, but it’s not as upfront but the wine is still fragrant and refreshing and it delivers a more herbaceous finish.
£7.20   £10.00   £29.00

Main Divide Riesling

New Zealand

Simply heaven in a bottle, this riesling manages to be a dry and a sweet wine at the same time due to the intense sweetness balancing seemlessly with the high acidity. Strong aromas of quince, dried apricot and mango are present in this wonderful food wine.
£7.50   £10.40   £30.00

Gavi di Gavi, La Toledana


Often described as the Chablis of Italy, Gavi certainly delivers a crisp and refreshing mineral backbone alongside lemon citrus and honeysuckle notes and a creaminess on the finish.

Bread and Butter Chardonnay


A simply divine Chardonnay, representing the Napa style well. The clue is partly in the name as ‘buttery’ is definitely one of the characteristics of this Chardonnay. Add that to caramel, pineapple and vanilla, and you’re in for a treat. The finish is also silky smooth which will no doubt make this wine a popular choice indeed!
£8.60   £11.80   £35.00

Pouilly-Fume Pierre Brevin

Loire, France

Sauvignon Blanc in its purest form with subtle aromas of grass, fresh bell pepper and gunflint against a backdrop of grapefruit citrus and a refreshing, zesty acidity.

Chablis 1er cru Monts et Vallees, Laroche

Burgundy, France

If Loire vally wines are the benchmark for pure Sauvignon Blanc then Chablis has to be the godfather of Chardonnay. Pure and crisp and unoaked, it’s hard to find a more subtle form of Chardonnay. The wine has lemon and honey notes with an almost waxy finish and lingering acidity.

Planeta Cometa


This is like nectar in a bottle. The relatively unassuming Fiano grape can deliver some pretty serious wine as is the case here. Very oily in texture with marmalade and dried apricots, it’s a great example of what can be produced on Mount Etna.

Penfolds Bin 11 Tumbarumba Chardonnay


A stallwart for New World Chardonnays, the Tumbarumba balances Burgundy elegance with rich and riper Southern Hemisphere fruit driven styles. Flavours of baked custard apple, vanilla and cinnamon help to produce a very complex Chardonnay.


Dominio de la Fuente Tempranillo


A vibrant and juicy organic Tempranillo with expressive and well-defined aromas of red berries, rosemary and a touch of liquorice.
£5.40   £7.40   £21.00

Claro Reserva Carmenere


Carmenere often goes under the radar but see it as Merlot with the volume turned up! This particular example is riddled with mocha and coffee notes, smoke and dark berry fruits and finished off with a touch of pepper!
£5.70   £7.70   £22.00

Chain Reaction Zinfandel


From Napa USA, this wine combines the classic intense red fruit and raspberry-compote and liquorice aromas of Zinfandel while providing a great balance between body, alcohol and acidity.
£5.90   £8.00   £23.00

Wirra Wirra ‘The Good Catch’ Shiraz


A classic expression of Southern Australian Shiraz from a winemaker renowned for his love of Cricket as well as wine! This shiraz displays lots of intense aromas including blueberry, chocolate and white pepper.
£6.40   £8.70   £25.00

Rioja Reserva, Barón de Ebro


It’s very hard to find a better example of classic Rioja Reserva with a mixture of fresh and developed aromas. Ripe Strawberries intertwine with leather, vanilla, integrated tannins and a silk like finish to produce a very moorish red wine.
£6.80   £9.40   £27.00

Quid Pro Quo Malbec


A full on and classic Mendoza style from Benegas. Elegantly structured and rich, showing plummy fruit and hints of smoke, violet flower and chocolate.
£7.00   £9.70   £28.00

Russian Jack Pinot Noir, Martinborough Vineyards

New Zealand

From the cooler region of Martinborough in North Island, New Zealand, the Pinot Noirs are probably closer to burgundy in style compared to other areas. They certainly have the elegance of Burgundy, but perhaps with a fuller hit of fruit. This example displays very vibrant red fruits, ripe tannins and evident spice coming from the oak ageing.
£8.50    £11.70   £34.00

Decoy Merlot, Duckhorn, Sonoma County


A generous and fruit driven wine from Sonoma, USA, with a defined nose of blueberry, cherry and loganberry fruit, accented by soft vanilla oak, while the palate is more robust, with the lush fruit framed by firm tannins.

Barolo , Ciabot Berton


Showing a splendid ruby red colour this wine is characteristic of Barolo with its high acidity and fleshy tannins and with classic aromas of rose petals and tar and high levels of plummy fruit.

Chateau Musar


A very iconic wine indeed and from a a Chateau which has produced wines since 1930. Musar is a great alternative to Claret and is regarded as being one of the most intense red wines around. Your first Musar is always one to savour and any vintage is a great choice with food.

Amarone Classico Costasera, Masi


Prune, fig, cherry, strawberry and chocolate are some of the many aromoas found in this very complex wine. Every sip discovers another beautiful flavour in this Amarone made from a legendary producer.


Route 88 White Zinfandel


White Zinfandel can often be taken for granted but this example from California is particularly tangy with white peach and orange blossom flavours aligning with a lucious, sweet finish.
£4.80 £6.40 £19.00

Pinot Grigio Rosé Le Colline di San Giorgio


Fresh apricot, strawberry and peach on the nose with soft floral flavours on the palate and a refreshing, pleasantly smooth finish.
£5.40 £7.40 £21.00

M de Minuty Rosé , Côtes de Provence

South of France

Provence is certainly leading the way when it comes to pale and elegant rosé. From mainly the Grenache grape, this wine is incredibly refreshing with a steely acidity balancing subtle peach, clementine and white pepper spice aromas.
£8.20 £11.00 £32.00

champagne & sparkling

Prosecco Bel Canto


Pear, melon, peach and honeysuckle flavours coupled with small integrated
bubbles are the order of the day with this prosecco.
£5.20 £22.00

Vilarnau Cava Gaudi


It’s easy for Cava to get a bad rep but once you’ve tasted this, you’ll realise that
we should be celebrating the category more. Reserva in style, this is a more
complex version and is made in exactly the same way as Champagne but using
the Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo grape varieties.
£6.00 £28.00

Graham Beck Brut Rosé

South Africa

Pale silvery pink, with aromas of raspberry and cherry, with some subtle mineral
hints. Bright acidity and a fine mousse balance well with the ripeness of the
crushed berry flavours in this traditional method sparkling rosé.
£7.00 £32.00

Paul Drouet Brut

Champagne, France

Green Apple and brioche lead the way in this medium bodied, fruity and
classically biscuity style of Champagne.

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvèe

Champagne, France

A Chardonnay dominant blend which helps to provide freshness while still
maintaining an excellent structure. Croissant and baked apple notes come
through as does a hint of blossom in this excellent Brut Champagne.
£10.00 £54.00

Laurent-Perrier Harmony demi-sec

Champagne, France

Sweeter Champagnes pair wonderfully to desserts and to intense spicy dishes.
The added sweetness helps to balance acidity beautifully and provides a very
moorish and creamy moose!

Laurent-Perrier Vintage

Champagne, France

A very powerful champagne with savoury as well as fruity notes present,
helping to provide a firm structure and and excellent food matching

Laurent-Perrier Rosé

Champagne, France

The signature Champagne of Laurent Perrier. 100% Pinot Noir provides a
fantastic structure and plenty of fresh red berry fruit flavours and a full body.
£14.50 £78.00

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle

Champagne, France

Grand Siècle is a combination of three separate vintages, making it a pretty
special vintage Champagne. It is simply divine and if you’re going to treat



Ketel One


Ketel Citron


Ketel Oranje












Tanqueray Sevilla


Tanqueray Rangpur




Monkey 47




Malfy Rosa


Malfy Limon



Pampero Blanco


Pampero Especial


Koko Kanu


Red Leg



Highland Park










Bulleit Bourbon


Bulleit Rye



Remy Martin VSOP



El Jimador




Ilegal mezcal


Patron xo


beer & cider

beer & cider

Rumah Pilsner

£2.20   £4.40

Kirin Ichiban

£2.30   £4.60


£2.50   £4.90


£2.50   £4.90


£2.10   £4.20

Friels Cider

£2.00   £4.00

61 Deep Bitter

£1.90   £3.80

bottled beer









Blue Moon


Peroni Non Alcoholic



Ku De Ta Lychee Baby

Ketel One Vodka Oranje, Lychee, Pink Grapefruit

Silk Road

Cariel Vanilla Vodka, Gooseberry, Passionfruit & Pineapple

Ain’t Dutch Ain’t Much

Tanqueray Gin, Blood Orange & Apple


Tanqueray Sevilla Gin, Peach, lemon & Tonic

Kumquat Daiquri

Pampero Blanco Rum, Kumquat, Lime & Orange Bitters

Kota Batu

El Jimador Blanco, Manzana Verde & Apple.

Padang Iced Tea

Pampero Especial, Aluna Coconut Rum, Peach & Iced tea

Wiski Business

Bullet Rye, Cognac, Lemongrass & Ginger, Rhubarb Bitters

Kopi Susu

Pampero Blanco Rum, Kahlua, Coffee & Salted Caramel

Little Miss Sew it all

Tanqueray Rangpur, Sake, Calem White Port, Cardamom


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